About us

The history of Gesoura optics begins sometime in 1935 when Elias Gesouras works as a craftsman in one of the first optical stores in Athens. His son, George, having too much weakness in his father, from an early age fell in love and began to do what he did. From the age of 12, therefore, in parallel with the school, he worked next to his father, learning the secrets of art.

As the years passed, the interest of Giorgos Gesouras, who always had a technical staff in him, turned to the construction of skeletons.

During the war and the German occupation, when everything was difficult and the raw materials were non-existent, his teenage ingenuity led him to make spectacle frames, using celluloid as a raw material.from useless movies.

In 1945, he and his brother Angelos set up a first small skeleton factory in the area of Votanikos and began to promote their products in the optical shops of the time, first in Athens and then throughout Greece. At first the industry treated the two young men with distrust. However, they quickly managed to enter the market and convince the industry professionals with their product.

Sometime in 1960 the small craft gave way to a skeleton factory in the New Philadelphia area. Many of the factory machines were of its own design and construction. There, really, George Gesouras dedicated his life.

He typically said:« …It 's a great taste, I like to breathe the smell of soap, to feel the oil from the machines in my nostrils. I like to live and breathe in this spaceρο…».

In 1978, in parallel with the factory, it started to be active in the field of retail, opening the University store 39.

Founding member and honorary president of SOONANE, his name is associated with the history of the optical industry in Greece.

The tradition is now continued, as the third generation, by his daughters Katerina and Kelly Gesoura, both opticians, always in the OPTIKA GESOURA store of the University 39.9.

The last step in this process is the creation of the e-shop, gesoura.comso that we can now serve you from the internet.

Now that we have shared with you the history of our business, you know that we are not just another optical store. Every time you contact us, you have at your service the experience and know-how of three generations of opticians.ν.

December 2020