Submission of EOPYY supporting documents for glasses. Update 18/10/2020

The process of submitting supporting documents for EOPYY, now, can be done electronically without requiring your physical presence.

(An "identified" mobile phone is required for the implementation of the procedure)

NOTE: For every purchase from our store - and for your convenience - we can provide you in your e-mail all the required forms in electronic form, ready for submission.

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 The step-by-step process in more detail:

  • We go to the site:

  • We choose connection with taxisnet codes
  • Authorization
  • We enter AMKA
  • Select "Submit Individual Request"
  • Click the arrow on the Request Subject and from the drop down menu select: OPTICAL
  • Click the arrow on the Details of the Insured / Concern and from the drop down menu select: THE SAME OR INDIRECT MEMBER

(The indirectly insured, after choosing "indirect member" enter THEIR OWN AMKA and the rest of the personal data. Only in the field BENEFICIARIES DETAILS enter those of the directly insured.


  • Scrolling further down and left, find and select "Opinion Number"
  • Fill in the details of the form (PC, IVAN, REQUEST AMOUNT)

    Then we upload the following:

        1. A scan of the receipt,

        2. A scan of the optical certificate and.

        3. A document scan that states the IBAN for the deposit.


  • Click "SUBMITTING A REQUEST" (after checking the boxes for responsible declaration and certificate of retention of items for 5 years).

It shows us: The Submission of an individual request with a protocol number ------ and competent PEDI PEDI. ATHENS ---- was successfully held.


  • We keep for 5 years the documents in case they will be requested.